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Do You Need Fresh Mulch Installed? Call 615-895-7156  
Greenway is proud to install fresh mulch in your landscape beds.  
We have a multi step process to install mulch that leaves the finished landscaping looking wonderful.  It begins with the initial bed preparations, then the actual spreading of new mulch, followed with grooming or manicuring and finally a thorough cleanup.   For more details, ask us about our systems and procedures for installing fresh mulch.   
We can also give you suggestions about how long the mulch will last and which mulch type looks best over several months.   You can be sure that after it's installed you'll be happy and your house will look great!
Click here for a free estimate.  You can also call our office at (615) 895-7156.
Landscape mulches contribute to the beauty of any garden or landscape putting the finishing touch on a house and giving it much greater curb appeal. The contrasting color of the mulch compared to the plants contributes to a natural yet neat appearance.
Yet, in addition to beauty, mulches provide a number of other benefits. Mulches are known to buffer soil temperature, prevent water loss from evaporation, and control weeds. These advantages along with the attractiveness of mulch have resulted in a variety of mulches for your home.
We provide a variety of high quality mulch.   The most common shreded hardwood mulch comes in Black, Brown, or Red and also the natural redish hews of pine bark in both large nuggets and small nuggets.    We also sell Pine Straw. 
Here in Tn Autumn marks the time when leaves begin falling and we begin our fall cleanup program.   This services consists of cleaning your property of leaves and debri that gathers on your lawn and in your mulch at the end of the season.  So if you live in the Middle Tennessee area and you need a company to spread your mulch or cleanup your property, call us or follow the link below to schedule your service.
If you'd like an estimate on fresh mulch then please contact us here.   Or you can call our office at (615) 895-7156





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