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Greenway Lawn and Landscaping, 615-895-7156
At Greenway, we take great pride in our lawn care service.    For us it's not just about mowing or cutting the grass rather it's about manicuring your property.   It's about making your property stand out.   And it's about not just meeting your needs, but exceeding those needs. 
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We make each step of our visit a detailed step.   Some of these steps are partially outlined below:
· We keep our blades Sharp!
This promotes healthier grass that’s 
more disease and drought resistant.
 · We vary our mowing pattern regularly. This prevents soil compaction and helps grass growth.
 · We use special mowing maneuvers when turning our equipment.  
This helps to reduce the risk of damage to your lawn by equipment.  Although they will turn on a dime, this is usually not advisable.
· We stripe your lawn were possible to
add visual impact at no extra charge.

· We are regular.

Excessive rain, some times hinders our best efforts.  When this happens we work hard to get it mowed and back on track fast!

· Above all,  we strive to keep you happy!

Above are just some of the steps we take that we believe make our service exceptional and promote disease resistance, drought tolerance and dark green color without the use of fertilizer.   This results in healther turf.

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