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Greenway is a leading irrigation company in the Middle TN area.   From irrigation design to maintenance and installation, Greenway is here to assist you with this service.  The rising cost associated with water and the need to conserve this valuable resource is among the reasons to call on the expertise that we offer. 
If you have a system that needs adjusting or would like to upgrade parts of your system to a more efficient design, we can help.   We specialize in the following areas of sprinkler and irrigation service:
Whether you have a simple sprinkler system or an advanced irrigation system, you can count on Greenwaypros to provide reliable support.  Click here to contact Greenway for more information.

Spring activation

Anytime a system is submitted to so many changes as our systems are here in the Middle Tennessee area it can need additional attention.  Turning on an irrigation system should be done in a way that preserves it from further damage.   We at Greenwaypros take great care to inspect the system and gradually turn it on in such a way that protects your valuable investment.

Seasonal Tune ups

Your timer or controller sometimes need to be adjusted due to seasonal rainfall and climate conditions.   We can make such repairs and adjustments so your system minimizes its water use when not need.    We also install rain sensors and soil monitors to save you money.

Maintenance and Repair

Overtime it’s expected that your sprinkler system will require repairs and adjustments.   Pipes break.     It may develop a water leak due to freezing water or soil contracting and expanding as well as a host of other reasons.   Such a leak may be obvious if you have a wet spot or swampy area in your lawn.  We can trace down these leaks and repair as well as inspect for possible weak spots that may require repair or replacement. 

A rotor head may become clogged or broken.   Or simply need to be tilted to the required position to water efficiently and effectively.  We also can trace wires and locate valves that have become lost.  Maintenance programs are available on a yearly basis.



Winterization is an important step to protect your system.   Here in TN soil temperatures can easily dip below freezing which can crack pipes, tubing and backflow protectors resulting in a leak.   While some companies may blow out your sprinklers with inferior equipment, our objective is to blow out your irrigation as thoroughly and safely as possible.  The small amount that it cost to service your system to prepare it for winter is little when compared to the damage that could result from neglected systems.

Water Conservation

The rising cost of water has led many homeowners to look for ways to water their lawn more economically. We have many different ways in which water can be conserved. A few common things that can be added are rain sensors and soil moisture sensor. A smart controller is also a good way to conserve costs.   Mixed sprinkler heads or rotors can easily result in excessive water use.    Older systems can be fitted with newer and more efficient heads.  This can easily cut back on water usage as much as 30%.  Ask us at Greenwaypros what we can do to help keep costs down now and in the future. Greenway will also check and adjust your system when unnecessary things are watered such as driveways and sidewalks.



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