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The first step in seeding your lawn is choosing the right kind of seed for your particular needs.  Greenway specializes in providing high quality seed for your turf application and is proud to offer our overseeding service to Murfreesboro and the Middle Tn area.  Simply click here for a free quote for seeding and aerating your lawn.   If you like to do it your self and just want to purchase our seed, then please keep reading or click on the above link.
Popular cool season grasses that we spread include fine fescue blends for our transitional climate.   The advantage of a blend is the diversity that it provides.    Each type of seed included in the blend has it's own strength and each has been choosen for our area.
The primary seed we use is very high quality. According to the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program, it rates well for sun and shade.  Also it is known for good heat and drought tolerance.    It has a fine leaf and dark green color.    It contains 0% weed seed and has a  high 92% to 93% germination rate.  It's specially formulated for this area of county where we live in Middle Tennesse with it's cold winters but hot summers.
Another popular choice is the tall turf type fescues such Kentucky 31.   The advantage of  KY31 is it's broad leaf which also is drought resistant. 
Rye grass is often included in the application to help support the growth of other seed that often takes root slower.   Rye helps to prevent the fescue seed from washing away due to heavy rainfall.  So it does well repairing bare spots.
If you prefer to spread your own seed and purchase seed by the 50 lb bag direct from Greenway, simply click here to contact us and we will deliver it to you door at a reasonable price.  It's a great buy!  



There are many benefits to aerating your lawn some of these are outlined below.
  • Decompacts the soil from traffic from people or pets.
  • Allows air and water to penetrate to the roots.
  • Reduces thatch.
  • Improves Drainage.
  • Supports Microbial activity.
  • When combined with overseeding, aerating provides nice climate controlled holes for the seed to germenate in.
 Greenway uses the best method for aerating.   This is done by means of removing an actual plug of soil from the ground which allows for better soil decompression. Please contact us today for a free quote.                                                                                                                    
Or you can call our office at
We also recommend a Soil Test.
A soil test is an excellent measure of soil fertility. It is a very inexpensive way of maintaining healthy grass and a beautiful lawn.  
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